Virtual Seminar on Avian Medicine

avian webinar

We are inviting you to join our Virtual Seminar on Avian Medicine! The Webinar will be divided into two parts (60 minutes each).

First Part:
Medical, Nursing and  Cosmetic Procedures 1  
1.Medicament administration  
2. Biomedical sampling  
3. Nasal and sinal flushing  
4. Gastric lavage  
5. Dressings and bandaging

Second Part:
Medical, Nursing and Cosmetic Procedures 2 
1. Stomach tube placement  
2. Force-feeding  
3. Beak and talon trimming  
4. Feather repair  


For more information, please contact:
Call / Whatsapp: +971529433717

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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