X-Ray Positioning Aid – Pawsitioner Set

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The Pawsitioner is designed to secure patients for surgery and hands-free diagnostic imaging. The Pawsitioner eliminates the need for tie-downs and makes it easy to clip and scrub patients in the prep room then transport them to surgery without having to re-position. Each cradle is shaped and contoured to allow for maximum surgical exposure and manoeuvrability while on the surgery table. The Pawsitioner is also ideal for hands-free radiographic positioning, including V-D, left or right lateral, V-D pelvis for OFA evaluation, rostral-caudal skull views and much more without re-positioning the patient for each radiograph. The cradle may also be used to hold patients for laparoscopy, CT, MRI, myelography and ultrasonography.

  • Secure, hands-free radiographic positioning, for both V-D and lateral views
  • Safe and easy transport from prep room or X-ray to surgery and back
  • Eliminates the need to re-position the patient each time you move it
  • Great insulating characteristics, better exposure and more manoeuvrability
  • High-density, contoured, radiotransparent polyethylene – easy to clean
  • Set of five sizes including manual, wall hanger and 16 colour coded nylon strapsVideo demonstration: www.pawsitioner.com
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