Videoendoscope Eickview 150 / 300

د.إ 604.62د.إ 784,117.97

د.إ 59,123.24
د.إ 71,747.30
د.إ 59,123.07
د.إ 44,963.07
د.إ 41,249.99
د.إ 784,117.97
د.إ 604.62


Experience a new dimension in picture quality. The EickView videoendoscopes produce beautiful images, thanks to the integrated video chip in the distal end.

The new powerful and adjustable LED light source allows for optimum illumination of the field of view in any position. Using the supplied software you are able to take pictures and videos in no time.

The data can be directly stored and archived through the USB port to your computer.


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