Stainless Steel Cat Cage Assembly, 4′, LH

This is the perfect housing for felines. The 4’W Stainless Steel mobile cage assembly has a stacked set of 30″W x 30″H cages connected by a Kat Portal to 18″W x 30″H cages. The Kat Portal provides an 8″-diameter opening that allows the pet to move horizontally between the two cages. The portal is made from durable ABS. NOTE: This product will be shipped fully assembled.


  • This assembly has the smaller cage on the left hand side.
  • There is a vent on the upper left hand side of both the top and bottom smaller cage.
  • Rounded corners inside the cage make for easy cleaning.
  • Sturdy, sound-dampening latch with Acetal bushings.
  • Patented quiet-closing, polymer-encased Stainless Steel hinges.
  • Top, sides and bottom of cage is one continuous sheet.
  • Radiused hardware at all corners minimizes sharp corners.
  • Fluid-retaining lip keeps liquids from flowing out.
  • Kat Portal has a pin latch that allows you to keep it open (paw up) or close and latch it (paw down).
  • 5″ corrosion-proof, reinforced nylon locking casters with polyurethane wheels that won’t mark floors.

These cages were returned but not used, and there was no animal contact. There may be minor dents or scratches on the cage assembly from shipping. (See sample in pictures.) The cage assembly has a Category II Warranty.

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