Equinosis® Q with Lameness Locator® software

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Equinosis® Q with Lameness Locator® software is a real-time, handheld, field-based system that enables a veterinarian to objectively identify lameness in horses with non-invasive inertial sensors. The proprietary Lameness Locator analysis uses the motion data transmitted by the sensors and algorithms developed from research at the University of Missouri. That research utilised treadmills and high-speed cameras to mathematically characterise normal and impaired gait, measuring vertical acceleration of the torso to determine asymmetries in head and pelvic position between left and right halves of stride. Translational research adapted the analysis to be used as a convenient, robust, miniaturised system in the field. The horse is trotted and data is transmitted wirelessly in real time. The comprehensive lameness assessment is immediately available to the practitioner.

  • Fast: Instrumentation is simple and fast, taking less than 3 minutes. Three small sensors are attached to the horse’s head, pelvis and right forelimb using specially designed attachment devices.
  • AccurateSensitivePrecise: Equinosis wireless sensors measure up to 20x faster than the human eye, tracking movement accurately to within millimetres.
  • Reliable: Lameness Locator® is the result of 20 years of gait analysis research performed by equine veterinarians and led by Lameness Program Director, Dr. Kevin Keegan, at the University of Missouri.
  • Trusted: More than 40 veterinary colleges around the globe, including three-fourths of all U.S. teaching clinics, are training the next generation of vets with Equinosis technology.


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