Eickview 60/ 70 LED Videoendoscope

د.إ 82.50د.إ 43,874.99

د.إ 40,875.00
د.إ 43,874.99
د.إ 43,874.99
د.إ 40,875.00
د.إ 40,875.00
د.إ 43,874.99
د.إ 7,645.38
د.إ 3,333.46
د.إ 855.00
د.إ 381.92
د.إ 82.50
د.إ 116.54


The EickView video endoscopes provide the perfect solution for video bronchoscopy and gastroscopy in small dogs and cats. The powerful LED light source and the high resolution camera of these stand-alone systems are integrated in the distal end of the scope.


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