Autoclave Washer Disinfector MELAtherm 10®

د.إ 1,568.08د.إ 49,938.45

د.إ 49,938.45
د.إ 6,139.61
د.إ 1,568.08


The MELAtherm® 10 is an instrument washer disinfector complying with the EN 15883 European Standard.

The MELAtherm® 10 features:

  • Feeding process agents with the dosing unit
  • Batch documentation with the CF card or network
  • Integrated active drying, this protects instruments against re-contamination, corrosion and damageAutomatically monitors the rotation of the rinse arms, the rinse pressure and the filter sieves. Errors in the program mode or during operation are thus prevented. Can be fitted in floor units without any problem. Equipped with a basic basket, with or without injector rail, as an option. Up to 11 hollow body instruments can be processed with the injector rail, e.g. suction tubes or dental handpieces and contra angles etc.


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